Enhanced Permission Consultancy

You may already hold a Permit for Commercial Operations and want to expand on the projects you can get involved with.  Eyeup can help with its consultancy and white label services.

We have already helped a number of established operators by sitting down and understanding their current operation and the way this could be improved with an Enhanced Permission from the CAA.  The preparation of an Operating Safety Case can be a daunting prospect but Eyeup will talk you through the process.  We can help put together logical and effective safety arguments and assist with enhancements to your Operations Manual and Systems Template.

We do not provide this service for every operator.  We need to be convinced that you are already a professional outfit with a high level of experience in the field you are looking to enhance.  We can’t and won’t guarantee that any particular application to the CAA will be successful (because we aren’t the CAA!), but we believe that any professional, experienced operator should be able to achieve an enhanced permission with the right guidance.

Contact us for more details at info@eyeup.camera or call 01372 632634.

White Label Option

If you have a project coming up that is a little “tight” in terms of clearances then we may be able to help.  Our Enhanced Permission allows us to take-off and land at 20m clearance and fly at 30m.  In some cases this can make the difference between a safe (legal) and unsafe (illegal) operation.

The images below were taken just 30m from a busy motorway…all legally under Eyeup’s Enhanced permission.

Our basic rates do not change for reduced distances unless there are factors requiring additional costs, e.g. increased number of spotters on site.

Contact us for more details at info@eyeup.camera or call 01372 632634.



OSC Consultancy

Eyeup are working with a major defence contractor to help them obtain an exemption to operate the DJI M600 Pro on their site.  Unfortunately the site is shared with other organisations and is classed by the CAA as in a Congested Area.

Eyeup is advising on training options, manual production and assisting with the safety assessment required to maximise the client’s chances of obtaining the appropriate exemption.

The work we are doing here will help directly save lives in current and historic conflict zones across the world.

In this image, two new pilots are getting to grips with the M600.