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Eyeup Aerial Solutions was born out of an interest in photography, remote controlled technology and a creative streak that wasn’t being satisfied by corporate life.  However, working for larger organisations has provided a real understanding of the need for safe working procedures which are essential when flying several kilograms of plastic, metal and chemicals up to 400 feet in the air!

Take a look around and find the earliest aerial images produced by our founder, together with an explanation of how we work to satisfy your requirement plus a little bit about why you should only consider using a fully CAA qualified UAV pilot.

You will also find a link to our testimonials page and full contact details.

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Eyeup Aerial Solutions is compliant with GDPR as it only holds data from those who have provided either opt-in consent or are covered by legitimate interest. This means that unless the contact is an existing customer, or has expressed interest in Eyeup Aerial Solutions, we will not process or hold the data for any purpose. Eyeup Aerial Solutions also only holds the data that is necessary to communicate with, and service individuals. All email marketing complies with data protection regulations by providing clear intent for the data’s use, detailed preference management and easy unsubscribe process.

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