Weddings and Events


Let Eyeup bring some aerial magic to your special events.  Whether it be a party, sporting event or celebration we can work with your ground-based photographer or videographer to provide stunning aerial images.  They can then cut them into your finished product as part of their post-production service.

Eyeup can also provide a total imaging package comprising aerial and ground videographers together with stills photographers to capture the essence of your special day.

But what happens if it’s raining on the day?  Well, we have options from shower dodging, through camera poles (up to 60 foot high!) and pre/post-event “establishing shots”.  These can be taken and cut into any ground footage you have to provide a professional touch to any video.

Currently the following establishing shots are available – Just click on the ones you are interested in and these can be purchased quickly and easily through our partner DSR Stock site.

Farnham Castle The Keep – Winter

Farnham Castle Flyby – Winter

Farnham Castle Front – Winter

Farnham Castle Landscape – Winter

Marlow The Thames Downstream – Winter

Marlow The Thames Upstream – Winter

Marlow Bridge Reveal – Winter