Eyeup Aerial Solutions Property Services

Whether residential or commercial, properties demand attention. whether you need an aerial still to show off a new build or refurbishment, or a dramatic sweeping vista caught on video to highlight a stunning estate, Eyeup Aerial Solutions can help.

Aerial imagery can be used throughout a property’s lifecycle to:

  • Carry out detailed and verifiable inspections and surveys with high quality images or video
  • Illustrate to potential customers the stunning views they’ll get from their penthouse balcony
  • Create fantastic marketing videos demonstrating the build using aerial and ground-based time-lapse footage
  • See building progress in real time
  • Create final aerial portraits showing a property in its wider context.
  • Supply aerial shots to your garden designer to assist in visualisation
  • Gain planning permission for that extension using a combination of aerial shots and architects CAD models
  • Obtain visualisation shots to assist with planning applications

Eyeup Aerial Solutions will work hand-in-hand with you, your engineers or surveyors to capture the right images at the right time of day to show them at their best.

Aerial Surveys and Inspections

UAVs provide a flexible solution for high level aerial surveys and inspections.  We can give you the ability to view footage in real time and steer the camera to points of interest.  Alternatively we can work in partnership with your nominated surveyor or suggest one ourselves.  Images can be supplied in jpeg or RAW formats, allowing faults or areas of concern to be more easily highlighted.

Let Eyeup Aerial Solutions supply a set of post-build/maintenance images to your client to provide additional peace of mind that work has been carried out to the very highest standard.

Limited Access

Home Planet


Eyeup’s Home Planet is a beautiful and fascinating way to appreciate your home and the environment it sits in.  Not just a shot from a fisheye lens, Home Planet takes data from many high resolution images and brings them together to produce a truly stunning image.  The image is then carefully checked and subtly edited to ensure a beautiful result.  The large electronic file produced can be used to create large format picures that retain a phenomenal level of detail.

The example below is limited in resolution but gives an idea of the unique perspective you get with a Home Planet image.

This is a very special product and takes time to produce to a high quality.  We will look for the ideal conditions to shoot your property and take a significant number of images to ensure comprehensive overlap. It is this attention to detail taken while creating and editing the image that ensures a high quality result.

Eyeup can also provide your Home Planet image in a range of finished styles from traditional mounted and framed through to modern frameless blocks including gallery quality 10mm acrylic block.  These images work better in a large format but you should allow from £25 for a 6″ x 6″ gatorboard mounted print up to £200 for a 30″ x 30″ acrylic block mount.